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Our Story

Spending time with the residents of nursing homes put the human need for companionship in perspective for Aristotle.  During a recent visit, he was hugging an elderly woman to whom he had just given a blanket.  She started to cry.  When Aristotle asked her why she was crying, the woman replied that she “hadn’t been hugged in years”.  It was at that point that he decided to act.


Knowing how infrequently the “Greatest Generation” was being visited (and how powerful their insights were) it quickly became apparent that an amazing resource was being squandered.  The older folks needed people with whom to interact for stimulation.  

At the same time, younger people were living vastly different types of lives, often without the types of adversity and adventure previously experienced by today’s seniors.  


Why not put the groups together and pass along that magnificent wisdom…


After many phone calls and hours of work, PassTheWisdom.ORG was born!

Pass The Wisdom now brings together students from Wilmington Friends School, Saint Margaret Regional School, Gloucester County Institute of Technology, West Chester Henderson High School and Pinelands Regional Junior High School with residents from Shady Lane Nursing Home, Genesis Southern Ocean Facility and HCR ManorCare of West Deptford.  Until the CDC gives the green light to resume physical visits, phone calls and Zoom meetings are the best means of interaction.  We also have written more than 400 letters to seniors and veterans.  If your school or elder facility would benefit from communication with (and stimulation from) another generation and perspective, please reach out to us!  We'd love to help!

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