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What a waste of talent!  Many seniors in their golden years are sitting today in assisted living facilities or nursing homes with vivid memories and experiences to share, but visitors are often few and far between.  Restrictions from Coronavirus fears reduced visitation even further.  Their amazing memories are being squandered!


Imagine the wisdom that a World War II veteran could impart to today’s teenagers by sharing a few graphic stories about overcoming adversity.  A tale about the Woodstock experience would enthrall today’s youth.  

On the other hand, picture the enjoyment that an elderly person would derive from hearing about a recent soccer game or school play.  Spending time with a young person might even get them a hand navigating their smartphone too!  When different generations spend time together, it creates the perfect opportunity for learning and mutual appreciation.  Pass The Wisdom can also use Zoom for meetings with medically vulnerable participants.  We must adapt and never accept defeat!

Pass The Wisdom is an IRS-approved non-profit organization with the specific mission of bringing people together.  We aim to enable generations to learn from and enjoy one another!

Pass The Wisdom is a tax exempt organization under IRS Guidelines, Section 501(c)(3).  Our Tax Identification Number is 83-2047133.


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